The complete guide to manual focus lenses for the Sony A7 series by Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve and his team of talented photographers have written many interesting articles about the Sony A7 series, focusing in particular on testing all sorts of manual focus lenses – native and adapted – for the full frame mirrorless system. Their efforts has now converged into a very exhaustive and complete guide to manual focus lenses for the A7 series. The team covers many topics such as explaining why you need an adapter, what kind of problems you can encounter (mechanical fit, thickness and reflections), the various manufactures and how much you should spend for one. Needless to say, the article includes recommendations for every type of manual focus lens including Minolta SR, Canon FD, Leica R and M, Olympus OM and many more.

By using several dozen adapters over the years we have learned the hard way, that not all adapters are created equal. We hope that the money we spent on bad adapters will help you to avoid annoying miss-buys we experienced.

The article also covers the autofocus adapter and the speedbooster types. There even is a Q&A section at the end to answer all the most common questions about the topic. It is definitely one of the best lens guides we’ve ever read and we highly recommend it if you are interested in using third party lenses on your Sony A7.