SoundImagePlus on mirrorless cameras and stock photography

David Hughes of SoundImagePlus recently shared an interesting post about mirrorless cameras and the world of stock photography. One of the first to embrace the mirrorless concept back in 2009 when he invested in the Panasonic Lumix G1, David has since shot thousands of stock images with mirrorless cameras, many of which are his best-sellers.

Throughout the article, he explains why he feels mirrorless and stock photography are a good match. For instance, he never has to justify his choice of gear to a fussy client, nor does he have to worry about having the best autofocus performance since many of his most popular images tend to be taken indoors on a tripod. He also cites more than once their usefulness for video, which is becoming increasingly important for stock libraries.

His final thoughts concern the “mirrorless versus smartphone” debate, which he feels will soon grip the photographic internet just as the mirrorless versus DSLR debate did a few years ago.

You can read David’s full article by visiting his website SoundImagePlus.

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