Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas…SuzetteSays gives us 25 Reasons go ‘Go Mirrorless’

Now here’s something a little different! Suzette Allen, a Lumix Luminary and self-proclaimed hybrid pioneer for over four years, has decided to count down the days until Christmas by listing her 25 favourite features about mirrorless cameras (Lumix cameras in particular). Of the 25, 22 apply to still photographers while 3 are more specific to video. What’s nice about these short blog posts is that Suzette also sprinkles them with tips and tricks, such as where to go in the menu to access a given feature on all the most recent Lumix cameras. If you were ever unsure as to why mirrorless cameras are now an extremely valid option, Suzette will certainly clear up all your doubts!

Check out Suzette’s growing list of reasons to go mirrorless over the days leading up to Christmas!

25 reasons to go mirrorless suzettesays

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