Thomas Ludwig reviews the new M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 PRO on the Pen F

Not many people have had the chance to test out the new M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 PRO but Thomas Ludwig of Cosyspeed is one of those lucky few. In his recent street review, he shares his experience using the lens on the Olympus Pen F in Hamburg’s red light district. There he took a number of street portraits of people living and working in the area, from a female bouncer to a sailor.

Since the selling point of this lens is its very fast 1.2 aperture, most of his shots were taken at this value. Comparing the lens to the Pana-Leica 25mm f/1.4, he states that the new lens seems to produce cleaner and more three-dimensional results. However, he admits that the price, which is nearly $1300, could be a deterrent for many people.

You can read Thomas’ full review of the M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 PRO here!

olympus m.zuiko 25mm f/1.2 review
Photo property of Thomas Ludwig