Insect Macro Photography with the Olympus Micro Four Thirds system

Since the day I picked up my first Olympus camera, the Pen E-P5, I’ve been a great advocate for the Micro Four Thirds system for macro photography – specifically insects – not only for obvious reasons such as the size and weight of the system but also because the sensor size is the perfect compromise between good image quality and the deep depth of field required to capture the body of an insect.

Yesterday, Robin Wong published an article titled “5 Reasons Why Olympus Micro Four Thirds System Is Suitable For Insect Macro Photography” where he enumerates the many advantages of the system for macro, including the 5-axis stabilisation system, large EVF, built in wireless flash TTL control capabilities, and of course, the excellent M.Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 macro lens that I also own and love. To accompany the text, he’s also included some amazing macro shots of dragonflies, praying mantises, spiders, and more.

You can visit Robin’s full article here!

olympus macro photography

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