Venus Optics announces the Laowa Magic Shift Converter for the E-mount cameras

Venus Optics is known for launching interesting manual focus lenses such as the 7.5mm f/2 for micro four thirds and the 12mm f/2.8 for 35mm format cameras. Today they’ve added a new accessory to their line-up designed for the Sony full frame E-mount system: it can convert your wide angle lens into a shift lens to correct perspective distortion.

The Magic Shift Converter features a patented optical system that expands the image circle of ultra-wide angle lenses. The shift mechanism takes advantage of the enlarged image circle to shift the camera sensor along the axis. The adapter is designed for the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens and converts it into a 17mm f/4 with +/- 10mm shift capability. Laowa promises no vignetting, even when using the maximum shift available, and the low distortion of the lens should also be preserved. The Magic Shift Converter comes with a 360° rotation mechanism which allows photographers to shoot in both landscape and portrait orientation.

This converter should be an interesting option for architecture photography as it maintains the vertical lines of a building and minimises perspective distortion. The converter is the first in a new series of products. The first was the Laowa Magic Format Converter that allows you to mount a 35mm lens on the Fujifilm GFX and is due to ship later this year.

The Magic Shift Converter can be pre-ordered on Venus Optics website and from their authorised resellers. The price is $300 and it should be available in late July/early August. You can choose between a Canon EF to E-mount converter or a Nikon AI to E-Mount converter. Note that shipment for the Nikon version will happen later on.