Sony releases Digital Filter, a new app for your full frame/APS-C mirrorless camera

We admit we’ve never been great fans of Sony’s Playmemories apps. Many of them aren’t free, the process to install them on your camera is laborious to say the least, and most importantly, we find it a shame that you have to pay 7 bucks for features such as time-lapse while all the other brands provide such functionalities free of charge and built-into the camera from day one.

That said, Sony has released some interesting apps and some of them give you features that no other cameras have. The latest example is Digital Filter, a new app that allows you to set two or three different exposures for the same scene to get a wider dynamic range, replicating in a digital way what you would do with graduated ND filters.

The app allows you to select different types of filters including Gratuated ND, Reverse Graduated ND, Color Stripe, Blue Sky, Sunset. If you want to create your own, you have two Custom slots available. You can choose the position and the size of the two or three different exposure areas and set the amount of exposure compensation for each area. You can select or deselect which settings you want to control for each zone including aperture, shutter speed and white balance and you can also decide to link them to one other. The final result can be saved in RAW format.

The app is expensive, however, at $30/€30/£27. If you’ve already purchased the Sky HDR app, you can upgrade to Digital Filter for $20/€20/£18. You can find out more information on the official website here.

Below you can check out a few sample images. Sony demonstrates how this app can be used for different types of scenes and not just backlit/sunset images.

Found via sonyalpharumors.