Sony celebrates 70th anniversary by rediscovering its roots

The birthplace of most audio-visual companies is Japan, and Sony is no exception. To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Sony Europe enlisted the help of seven photographers from around the continent – otherwise known as the ASe7ens – to document Japan and explore seven different themes upon which Sony’s brand identity is based. These themes are as follows:

  • Energy & Excitement
  • Art & Precision
  • Perfect Simplicity
  • Delivering Beauty
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Passion & Dignity
  • Show the Future

These photographers spent a seven days in Japan, meditating with Buddhist monks, dancing to J-Pop in an underground basement, getting a sneak peak at the future of automobiles, visiting a blacksmith whose family business is more than 800 years old, and more. These photographs and the stories behind them will gradually be recounted over the next few months on Sony’s blog and YouTube channel.


Below you can see some of the first images taken by the seven photographers, who are: Bobby Anwar, Michael Schulz, Ana Barros, Vutheara Kham, Dan Rubin, Christina Andersen, and Marco Gaggio.






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