Panasonic axes the GM and GF series to simplify the Lumix G line-up

According to Les Numerique and 43rumors, Panasonic will be pulling the plug on its entry-level GF and compact interchangeable GM series in an effort to simplify the Lumix G line-up and provide more clarity to potential consumers.

To distinguish the various models and their target market, Panasonic will begin using digits – 4 for beginners, 3 for amateurs, 2 for experts and 1 for professionals – and there will only be three prefixes – GX for flat-topped cameras, G for reflex-style cameras and GH for video cameras.

This means that we could potentially see a “GX800” replace both the GF7 and GM5, with the GX indicating that it is a flat-top camera and the 3 digits reminding us that it is intended for an amateur audience.

no more gm or gf


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