New focal reducer makes it possible to use medium format lenses on Sony E-mount

Kipon and IB/E Optics have just announced the Baveyes HB-S/E, the world’s first focal reducer mount adapter for medium format lenses. It will make Hasselblad C, CF and F series lenses compatible with Sony full-frame E mount cameras.

The image will be brighter due to an increased concentration of light, equivalent to 1 stop and the adapter will keep the same field of view which means there won’t be any crop factor.

Focal reducers aren’t anything new. In fact, the Baveyes HB-S/E works in the same way as other Baveyes adapters from Kipon, as well as the Speedbooster series from Metabones, with the difference that these older adapters are compatible with full-frame lenses.

According to the official Kipon website, it will go on sale in February 2016 at the price of around $416. Kipon has also suggested that even more medium format to full-frame Baveyes are under development.

via Mirrorless Rumors and Kipon


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