Fujifilm announces the entry level X-A10

If you thought that the X-A3 announced a few months ago was Fujifilm’s entry-level camera, think again. The Japanese company just announced the X-A10, which is basically an X-A3 stripped down to the essentials and priced at $100 less.

The new camera comes with only one colour choice, a mix of black and silver with a design that vaguely resembles a vintage looking camera. Weighing just 330g, the camera body is definitely light and has compact dimensions.

The external controls have been reduced to the essentials: you will find a shooting mode dial, two command dials (top and rear), one Fn button, a 4-way pad on the rear, as well as the Q Menu, Movie recording, Playback and Display buttons.

The screen can be tilted up 180° to take selfies but the monitor lacks touch sensitivity.

fujifilm x-a10

The sensor is a 16MP CMOS Bayer chip with a native ISO sensitivity of 200 to 6400 ISO plus extended values (Pull 100, Push 12800 and 25600 ISO). The AF system is based on contrast detection with 49 points and includes Face and Eye detection.

The camera has an electronic shutter option with a maximum speed of 1/32000s. It can record in Full HD at 24, 25 or 30p and features digital stabilisation which can be used in addition to the optical stabilisation of select lenses. It also has Panorama and Time-Lapse functionalities.

fujifilm x-a10

The camera includes Wifi capabilities to control the camera remotely from your smartphone, transfer images (up to 2GB at a time) and save location data. Wifi also allows you to save photos to your personal computer (via a Wi-Fi router).

The battery life is set at approximately 410 frames (CIPA standards).

The X-A10 will be sold in a kit with the XC 16-50mm lens that can focus as close as 7cm for semi-macro shots. The price is $499 for the body and kit lens combined. The camera should be available in January 2017.

fujifilm x-a10

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