Fujifilm will launch its professional service on March 2017

With mirrorless cameras becoming increasingly popular amongst professional photographers, the various brands are now starting to provide professional support, the one thing that up until recently was clearly missing in comparison to DSLR systems from Canon and Nikon. For someone working daily with these cameras, it can be a huge advantage, as such service can not only give you priority if you need a repair but also loan you equipement while yours is being taken care of.

Following Sony and Olympus, Fujifilm will be the next company to start its service. It will be available from March 1st 2017 in select European countries – United Kingdom and Germany which are the biggest markets in Europe for the brand – and will then expand to all major European countries including Turkey and Russia.

The FPP (Fujifilm Professional Service) will have an annual cost of €300 (£260) per year but there will also be a special free offer for the first two years for those to meet the requirements: you must own a GFX camera or two flgaship APS-C cameras and at least three lenses. A maximum of two weeks between pick-up, delivery and repair is offered by the service for X series cameras or 10 days for the GFX system. If the schedule can’t be fulfilled in time, Fujifilm will loan gear for free until the repairs are complete. Members of the FPP will also receive a health check and sensor clean for two products every year, a dedicated phone support line and a 15% discount on any repair that is no longer covered by warranty.

Finally if the photographer is traveling outside of Europe for work, Fujifilm will tighten its collaboration with repair centres in other major territories to ensure the service.

As of now there isn’t any news about the pro service being extended to residents of other continents but this is only the beginning and we are confident that more news will follow later on.

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