Dan Bailey’s new X SERIES UNLIMITED eBook now available

Dan Bailey is a highly respected professional photographer, author, teacher, and long-time user of the Fujifilm X series. Since he began using the system, he has not only worked closely with the Fujifilm team but he has also tested most cameras in the line-up in a variety of challenging conditions.

Dan recently announced a brand new eBook called X SERIES UNLIMITED, an 329-page guide designed to help users get the maximum performance from their Fujifilm cameras.

The book goes over every single function and setting on the X Series cameras with real life examples of how they can be applied to various shooting situations.

He also shares a number of tips and tricks that he has accumulated while working as a professional with these cameras. These include how to customise the look of the film simulation modes, how to shoot fast action with these cameras (which is one of his specialities) and how to customise the operation of the camera in a way that matches the personal shooting style of the user.

What’s more, because his explanations aren’t model-specific, you can apply them to whichever X Series camera you own, be it a high-end X-T2 or an entry-level X-A3.

In Dan’s words, his goal is to “help people take advantage of the design strengths of the X Series cameras and use them to unlock the kind of creative liberation and passion for the joy of photography I experience when I use the X Series cameras.”

You can download your own copy of X SERIES UNLIMITED for $26.95 here.