Wildlife Shooting in South Africa with the Olympus 300mm Pro by Robin Wong

The high price of the Olympus 300mm f/4 Pro might discourage some Micro Four Thirds users from taking the leap, but in our tests and those of others, it has proven an excellent performer as far as sharpness is concerned.

In his latest article, Robin Wong shares lots of images with 100% crops from his recent trip to South Africa. For him, it was also an opportunity to photograph birds and other animals in a real world situation where getting close to the subject is far more difficult than at a zoo for example. The light conditions weren’t great most of the time, which is something you’ll often encounter out in the field. For this reason, some of his shots were taken at high ISOs.

Robin’s images prove once again how sharp the 300mm f/4 Pro is and how effective the Sync IS (sensor + optical stabilisation) can be.

Being able to hand-hold a 600mm equivalent lens with the confidence of high success rate in nailing the shot, is quite an amazing story to tell.

I couldn’t agree more with him since we used the 300mm Pro hand-held for 90 minutes straight at a soccer game. But enough with words – click on the image below to see Robin’s image gallery.


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