Photographing 20 world leaders at APEC 2015 with the Sony A7r II / A7s II

Which camera would you bring if you had to photograph 20 heads of state including Barack Obama? In Gary Tyson’s case, the choice was simple: he opted for his Sony A7r II and A7s II to complete the job.

Gary’s assignment was to shoot exclusive “behind-the-scenes” images of the world leaders at APEC 2015, the “most high profile event of the year in Asia.” Of the 3,000 media and photographers there, only he and one other photographer were allowed backstage. In the end, he decided to use the Sony A7r II and A7s II instead of his usual Canon gear for three reasons: their low light capabilities, silent shutter and small size. The combination of these three features allowed him to remain discreet and capture intimate images of the world leaders.

I really love Gary’s documentary style of photographing people. In this series, he has done a brilliant job of capturing both the tension and excitement as the heads of state prepare to go on stage.

Check out Gary’s A7r II and A7s II gallery from APEC 2015!

apec 2014
Photo property of Gobierno de Chile on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)