Olympus Visionary Chris Eyre-Walker documents “The Nomads Bus” as it travels around Europe

Chris Eyre-Walker is an Australia-based ocean, outdoor and travel photographer who was recently made an Olympus Visionary. He uses the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and an arsenal of M.Zuiko lenses for his work.

Two years ago, he heard about a Belgian couple who had converted a yellow American school bus into a hostel-on-wheels, imported it into Europe and called it “The Nomads Bus.” Since the bus was preparing for its first big trip around the continent, Chris contacted them and asked to be their official “Media Nomad” – one of six guests who, in return for a free stay on the bus, photographs and films the trip.

In his latest blog post, you can watch Chris’ 12:49 minute documentary featuring an interview with the couple, a tour of the bus and its facilities, the various locations they visited, and the sportive/cultural activities in which they participated. Many of Chris’ favourite photographs from the trip can be found in the blog post or on his Instagram account.

chris eyre walker
Visit Chris’ blog post here!

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