Landscape photographer Garvin Hardcastle shares his best photos of the year

Gavin Hardcastle is a talented photographer from British Columbia, Canada. He specialises in landscape and astrophotography and uses the Sony A7r and A7r mark II for his work. On his website Fototripper, Gavin shares many of his photography techniques and favourite locations, and also reviews the gear he uses.

Out of all his work, his astro-photography images definitely stand out from the crowd. Gavin uses the light painting technique to create more powerful images and achieve an excellent balance between the light of the stars and that on the ground. He also wrote a tutorial about his work for MirrorLessons a few months ago.

Gavin recently shared his best pictures taken in 2015 from various locations he visited around the world including Thailand, Cambodia, Alberta, Oregon, California, Utah and Nevada. If you are interested in landscape and astrophotography, his blog is definitely worth a read and a follow. On his Fototripper website, Gavin also sells products and services including video tutorials, Lightroom Presets and Photography Workshops.

Click here to see this excellent landscape astro-photography image gallery.


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