Gorgeous underwater macro shots with the Sony A7 II / A7r II by Elmar Laubender

Thanks to SonyAlphaRumor’s round-up, we recently came across a talented underwater macro photographer called Elmar Laubender who hails from Switzerland. With his Sony A7 II and A7r II, he travels the world’s oceans in search of marine life that the average person would never have the chance to see in the flesh.

Because most of his photography is taken underwater, Elmar uses the new underwater housing from Nauticam for his Sony cameras. His other gear includes the wonderful Macro G OSS FE 90mm f/2.8, two Inon strobes, two lights from Sola light and motion ports.

As to why he chose to specialise in underwater macro photography, he states on his blog:

I love macro shots to make the unseen visible. Thanks to super macro shot you can see shapes and colors that have been never seen before. … [It’s] another dive into another world.

While macro photography is quite a common hobby, underwater macro photography isn’t something you come across everyday because of all the extra equipment and experience required to be successful.

Check out Elmar’s full underwater macro gallery here!

underwater macro photography sony a7r ii
The FE 90mm macro

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