65 Gorgeous Images Taken with the X100 Series by FlixelPix

If you can look at a photograph and utter the words “It was so-and-so who took that image,” then you know that photographer has “made it” in the sense that he or she has perfectly defined his or her own style. I believe this can certainly be said about David of the FlixelPix blog. David has been a Fujifilm X series user ever since the first X100 came out in 2011, and has remained faithful to the system, currently using the latest iteration, the X100T, for his work. In this post, David shares 65 of his best images taken with the X100 series. It is both an enjoyable visual journey and a trip down David’s personal memory lane.

Check out the full gallery of X100 series images on the FlixelPix blog!

flixelpix x100 series