Finding a use for the Olympus Art Filters: Atmtx shares his thoughts

I admit that it is very rare for me to use in-camera filters unless I have to test them for a camera review. I’ve always preferred working with the native colours of the camera and perhaps adding a preset to my image later on in post production.

For this reason, it was refreshing to read Atmtx’s latest post about experimenting with the Olympus Art filters. He too rarely uses them but felt inspired to give them a try at a recent Drink and Clink event held by Olympus. In the end, he found that they were enjoyable to use because they “soften the perfection” of digital images. As he states in the conclusion:

Yet, the more I shoot, the more I realize that photography for me is less about realism and clarity rather it’s about mood and emotion.

Of all his pictures, I particularly liked the one of the female model taken with the Diorama filter. This image shows that even so-called “gimmicky” filters can give an interesting look to your photograph if used correctly.

Check out Atmtx’s full article about the Olympus Art Filters here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 16.17.37

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