Discover the best primes for your style by using…a zoom? An experiment by Sebastian Boatca

During Sebastain Boatca’s recent trip to Japan, he performed what I feel is a very interesting experiment that could easily save you time and money in your quest for a set of prime lenses.

Using only the XF 16-55mm f/2.8 professional zoom on his Fujifilm X-T1, he took hundreds of photos, from which he selected 120 for his portfolio. Then, he went through the exif data of these photos to see which focal lengths he was most tempted to use. The result of this experiment gave him a clear idea of which three prime lenses he should add to his kit in the future.

Why prime lenses? Well, he states that they are useful:

…especially in low light, when, instead of an F2.8 maximum aperture, you would like to get your shots at F1.4 (and why not F1.2)

Sebastian’s experiment is one I’d like to repeat the next time I decide to travel somewhere special, as I often have trouble deciding on the most suitable prime lenses and as such, usually end up bringing them all. How about you? 🙂

Check out Sebastian’s full article here!

fujifilm primes vs zooms