7 Venus Laowa 105mm f/2 sample images (two taken on Sony E-mount)

You may recall that we recently posted a news article about the new Venus Laowa 105mm f/2 manual focus portrait lens for the Sony E-mount and DSLRs.

The lens incorporates a unique optical design with an apodisation element next to the aperture, which in conjunction with the stepless 14-bladed circular aperture, helps to produce a soft, natural and beautifully diffused out-of-focus rendition. It also houses 11 elements in 8 groups with 1 High Refractive element, 3 Low Dispersion elements and 1 apodisation element to deliver extreme sharpness and reduce chromatic aberration.

Today, Venus released a set of seven sample images taken with the lens, all of which have been posted below. Keep in mind that only two were taken with a Sony E-Mount camera (the one of the girl dancing and the close-up portrait of the girl).

It will be available for $699 USD (plus tax) and can be purchased from either the English official website or authorised resellers.

venus 105mm f/2
Exif data unknown
laowa 105mm f/2
Sony A7, 1/125, f/2, ISO 400
laowa 105mm
Exif data unknown
D800, 1/320, f/2, ISO 100
D800, 1/400, f/2, ISO 100
laowa 105mm f/2
Sony A7, 1/640, f/2, ISO 320
EOS 5D, 1/400, f/2, ISO 100

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