Sony releases a new firmware for the A7r II and A7s II

A new firmware update is available for the Sony A7r mark II and A7s mark II that enhances still and video performance:

  • It improves 4K movie recording time when using the vertical grip (VG-C2EM) or when shooting in APS-C/Super35mm mode
  • It improves the picture quality

Update: according to a recent post on SAR, the firmware also seems to have fixed the overheating issue on the A7r II when recording in 4K.

The second improvement is quite surprising since these cameras are known for their breathtaking image quality. In the case of the A7r II, the image quality has always been spot-on, whereas the A7s mark II had a problem when recording with the S-log2 or S-log3 which was resolved with a previous update. We cannot help but wonder what this improvement is referring to exactly.

The firmware can be downloaded from the Sony US Support page using the two links below:

To run the update, you will need to download the firmware package from the links above. Then insert a 100% charged battery into the camera and leave the SD card slot empty. In the camera Setup Menu (Toolbox icon), Mass Storage must be selected from the USB Connection setting. Once you’ve downloaded the firmware, run it by double clicking on it and follow the instructions on-screen. Note that Sony firmware updates usually take a long time to install. You can find complete instructions at the same links above once you’ve started to download the package.

sony a7r ii firmware 3

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