New firmware updates for the X-T2 / X-Pro2 and XF 10-24mm / XF 18-55mm

A series of small firmware updates have been released for the two flagship Fujifilm cameras, the X-T2 and X-Pro2, as well as two of its popular zoom lenses, the XF 10-24mm and XF 18-55mm.

In the case of the two cameras, the firmwares fixes the phenomenon where in rare cases, a freeze could occur during repeated CH (continuous high speed) shooting. You can download the X-T2 update 2.12 here and the X-Pro2 update 3.12 here.

As for the lenses, the firmware fixes the phenomenon where in rare cases, a focal length could be displayed wrongly and/or shaking could be seen in a peripheral part of images even if a focal length and focus point are fixed.

You can download the XF 10-24mm update 1.11 here and the XF 18-55mm update 3.22 here.

– via FujiRumors

xt2 xpro2 firmware update