New firmware updates for the Sony a6000 and A7 series


Sony just released a series of firmware updates for most of its recent mirrorless cameras. The new software aims to bring full compatibility with the new G Master lenses. We should see improvements in AF accuracy on both the full-frame and APS-C cameras when one of the three new GM lens is used. As of now, there is a new firmware update available for the following seven models:

  • A7
  • A7 II
  • A7r
  • A7r II
  • A7s
  • a6000
  • a5100

As you may have noticed, the A7s II is missing from the list as there is no new firmware available yet.

The firmware updates seem to be very similar for each of the above cameras but there are small differences. Below is the list of updates for each group of cameras.

All of them (A7, A7 II, A7r, A7r II, A7s, a6000, a5100):

  • New lenses are supported
  • The AF can be used in movie recording mode with the SEL85F14GM

Additionally for the A7r II:

  • Phase-detection AF is supported (for the new GM lenses)

Additionally for the A7r and A7s:

  • The lens name will be correctly recorded in the EXIF

Additionally for the A7, A7 II, a6000, a5100:

  • Phase-detection AF is supported
  • The lens name will be correctly recorded in the EXIF

Note that the point about Phase-detection AF support for the A7, a6000 and a5100 could lead you to believe that these cameras now support phase detection with A-mount lenses but that is not the case. It only means that the firmware update makes the new lenses fully compatible with phase detection for the cameras that have it. As usual, there hasn’t been much effort from the brands to make these firmware updates clear!

You can download the new firmware updates from the links below. Make sure as always to follow the instructions carefully (and use a fully charged battery):

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