New firmware updates for the Fujifilm X-T1, X-T2, X-T20, X-Pro2, X100F and GFX

Fujifilm has released a series of new firmware updates for many of its cameras including the flagships, the X-T1, X-T20 and the medium format GFX 50s. Let’s have a look at the details for each camera.

On the X-T2, firmware 2.10 enables wireless tether shooting. Remember that in order to use tethered shooting on the camera, you need an application running on your computer. The Windows software, the Adobe Lightroom plugin and the Fujifilm X Acquire software also need to be updated.

Then we have additional improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Option “ALL” for the AF mode: it allows you to select the AF mode and Focus Area size by using the Command Dial only.
  • “Shutter AF” and “Shutter AE”: you can specify different settings for AF-S and AF-C in “Shutter AF” and for AF-S / MF and AF-C in “Shutter AE”
  • Extra steps for the EVF brightness adjustment are added (-6 and -7)
  • Dual Display mode: the update allows you to switch between the main and sub displays in the Dual Display mode
  • Rear Command Dial: you can assign a specific function to the Rear Command Dial when pressed
  • Image transfer speed to a mobile device from the slot 2 becomes faster
  • The phenomenon is fixed that in MF mode, a focus can shift in a specified condition (ex. repeated CL shooting)

For the recent X-T20, version 1.01 adds just one fix:

  • The phenomenon is fixed that IMAGE SIZE will be displayed when PHOTOMETRY is selected in ADD ITEMS of MY MENU SETTING

For the X-Pro2, version 3.10 adds two improvements already seen on the X-T2: the extra EVF brightness step and the possibility to assign a function to the rear command dial when pressed.

For the X-T1, version 5.20 adds one new feature called BACKUP & RESTORE, available in the USER SETTING for Tether shooting. With the following softwares – Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO or Tether Shooting Software HS-V5 – you can save all the camera settings as a file to restore them later or copy them to other cameras.

For the X100F and the new version 1.01, we have four small improvements and bug fixes:

  • The phenomenon is fixed that ISO cannot be changed by the command dial when ISO is set to AUTO by the Camera Remote mobile app
  • When a camera turns on in MF mode, the focus position comes to the original position where it was left before turning the camera off
  • The phenomenon is fixed that in MF mode, a focus can shift in a specified condition (ex. repeated CL shooting).
  • Improvement of operability of the command dials.

Finally, version 1.10 for the GFX provides the same wireless tethering capability described for the X-T2 as well as the following:

  • Operability improvement of exposure compensation: when EXPO. CMP. BUTTON SETTING in BUTTON/DIAL SETTING is ON/OFF SWITCH, the setting is held even after power off/on, mode change and removing/attaching a lens
  • AF speed improves for a relatively dark subject
  • Option for accessory is added in the function of firmware upgrade. This enables you to upgrade firmware for the shoe mount Flash
  • Added compatibility with the GF 23mm f/4 R LM WR
  • The phenomenon is fixed that communication can fail when a big capacity image is being transferred to a smartphone or a tablet from a memory card in the slot 2
  • The phenomenon is fixed that setting can change when the setting of EVF COLOR in SCREEN SETTING is changed.