New firmware for the Lumix GH5 aims to clear a few bugs

Just two weeks ago Panasonic released a massive firmware update (2.0) for the flagship Lumix GH5. Now a new version (2.1) of the software fixes a few issues encountered with version 2.0.

Here are the corrections:

  • Power Save LVF Shooting: the previous version set it to 1 second automatically which means that the camera would go into sleep mode just 1 second after the standby mode. After the update, this option will be disabled by default and you can go into the menu to select a desired time.
  • Photo Styles: when recording in MP4 HEVC, all the settings for the Photo Styles were at -5 so the new firmware brings them back to zero.
  • V-LogL View Assist: in a few cases this option wasn’t working, so version 2.1 makes sure it’s working properly again
  • AVCHD recording: in some cases the video files couldn’t be divided. This problem is now gone.

As always, you can download the firmware from the Panasonic Support website.