Leica SL firmware update 2.0 is now available

Leica SL owners should be very excited about today’s firmware update announcement which promises to improve the overall performance of the camera and quicken the photographer’s workflow.

The most important improvement concerns the AF function of the camera. It has been revised and optimised to offer faster focusing, higher precision and optimised subject tracking and increases the number of AF focusing points available for the single point AF setting to 529.

Direct exposure compensation can now be controlled by the top dial / click wheel on the rear of the camera in the three automatic exposure modes (P, T and A), and the range of shutter speeds has also been extended. Timed exposures of up to 30 minutes can now be captured without additional support and exposures can be made with the highest shutter speed of 1/16,000s (electronic shutter).

Some other smaller improvements include the possibility to review DNG files at 100%, an increase in the number of noise reduction settings, compatibility with all Leica flash units, and an update to the Leica SL app. JPG quality, white balance, the video menu, Auto ISO options and the focus peaking function have also been enhanced.

To download the firmware update and discover more about the various improvements, you can visit the official Leica UK website.


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