Fujifilm releases new firmware updates for the X-H1, X-E3 and X100F

Fujifilm has released three new firmware updates for its X-series cameras.

The update for the X-H1 is a small one. Version 1.02 fixes an issue where files could be overwritten when selecting a custom folder in the SETUP menu. This update follows the previous one (1.1) less than a month ago where Fujifilm also fixed a few minor issues.

For the X-E3, version 1.20 brings more things:

  • Support for the Fujifilm X RAW STUDIO software
  • Support for the Fujifilm X Acquire software
  • Compatibility with the XC 15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens
  • Improved HSS and TTL with third party radio studio flash
  • Possibility to enlarge displayed information in the viewfinder and LCD monitor. You can also customize where the information is shown on the screen
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity with the “Fujifilm Camera Remote” app: you can select multiple smartphones or tablet devices (up to 7) and supports wireless remote control for shutter release.

Finally the X100F (version 2.10) gets the X Acquire software and display customisation updates described above.