Fujifilm releases firmware updates for X-Pro2 and X-E3

Fujifilm has released two firmware updates for its X-Pro2 and X-E3 cameras.

In the case of the X-Pro2, firmware 4.01 (download here) fixes the phenomenon whereby the camera freezes when the following three settings are active at the same time:

1. Image Quality : FINE+RAW or NORMAL + RAW
2. RAW Recording : Lossless Compressed
3. Drive : any Advanced Filter

Firmware update 1.01 for the X-E3 (download here) gives the camera Auto Geotagging and Date/Time synchronisation by Bluetooth pairing. According to Fujifilm:

    • When connecting to Bluetooth, Geotagging and Date/Time information of a camera can be synchronised with the information of a smartphone. “SMARTPHONE SYNC. SETTING” is added in Bluetooth SETTING.

In order to use this function, the application software “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” needs to be upgrade to the latest version Ver.3.1.0.

Additionally, the phenomenon is fixed that live view blinks on LCD and EVF with face detection and dynamic range 400% setting.