Firmware update for the Fujifilm X-Pro2, X100F, X-T1 and X-T20

As promised earlier this year, Fujifilm has released the big firmware update for the X-Pro2 and X100F.

fujifilm x-pro2 bugs

Version 4.0 for the X-Pro2 brings the following:

  • 4K video recording (but not HDMI output in 4K so it’s internal only)
  • Tethered shooting via USB and Wifi (requires Lightroom Plugin, Tether Shooting Software HS-V5 or Fujifilm X Acquire)
  • Improved AF algorithm capable of tracking subjects twice as small and twice as fast as before
  • Support for the Fujifilm X RAW Studio software
  • Improved radio flash controller compatibility with third party products
  • Backup/Restore camera settings via the Fujifilm X Acquire software
  • Support for Instax Share SP-3
  • RGB histogram display and highlight warning
  • Refocus during a movie recording by half pressing the shutter button.

Version 2.0 for the X100F adds:

  • Backup/Restore camera settings with the Fujifilm X Acquire app
  • Fujifilm X RAW Studio support
  • Improved radio flash compatibility with third party products
  • Support for Instax Share SP-3
  • The Control Ring Setting can now be set to Off as well
  • the focus point can be chosen when magnifying for more precise operation.

Version 5.40 on the X-T1 only brings compatibility with the Instax Share SP-3 while version 1.11 on the X-T20 fixes an incorrect icon display (Boost) when High Performance is selected in the Power Management setting.