New Firmware Update for Leica M/MP (Type 240), M (Type 262) and M Monochrom (Type 246)

Following the announcement of the new M-D, Leica has announced a firmware update for its M series of camera, including the M/MP (Type 240), M (Type 262) and M Monochrom (Type 246).

The improvements are as follows:

  • Implemented optimisations that prevent the camera controls from becoming unresponsive after a series of continuous burst images fills the buffer
  • The selected user profile will be displayed even when exposure compensation has been adjusted
  • Exposure compensation is no longer saved to the user profile
  • Memory cards with a capacity of up to 512GB are now supported (we don’t necessarily recommend SD cards this large due to long startup times)
  • The default file format settings upon resetting the camera has been changed from ‘JPG’ to ‘DNG+JPG’
  • The time-out period for the last GPS Position, when no GPS signal is received, is extended to 2.5 hours for the Leica
  • M/M-P (Typ 240) and Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) – GPS is not available with the M (Typ 262)
  • It is now possible to display all zoom steps when reviewing images in playback mode from the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), Leica M (Typ 262) and Leica M/M-P (Typ 240)
  • When using SD cards that are too slow for movie recording, a message appears in the viewfinder display

And the bug fixes are as follows:

  • Bugs that led to the camera freezing when shooting fast sequences have been fixed
  • The accuracy of the internal clock has been improved
  • When using ‘AUTO ISO in M mode’ the used exposure metering mode is now displayed in play mode
  • Files larger than 2GB can now be transferred from the camera to the PC via USB
  • The display of the histogram has been optimized for high ISO values
  • The display of flash exposure compensation values has been improved in the menu
  • A misleading message (‘check battery age’) has been removed
  • With the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), a bug that led to black pixels in fine patterns has been fixed
  • Further system optimizations have been implemented

You can download the firmware updates from the official Leica website.


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