Panasonic Lumix GX7 vs GX8: A comparison by Tyson Robichaud

Our friend Tyson Robichaud of the popular Tyson Robichaud Photography blog has just posted his Panasonic Lumix GX7 vs GX8 comparison. It is quite a long and extremely thorough review, but the overall gist is that the GX8 is a worthwhile upgrade for the GX7 user due to the improved resolution, stabilisation, DR, and high ISO performance. The only downside in his opinion are the ergonomics. As he states, “If you can accept the slight increase in body size, and (in my opinion) step backward in ergonomics, it is in most every other way a better machine.

It’s hard not to love Tyson’s reviews: he almost always buys the cameras he tests, is extremely honest and always includes entertaining images throughout his articles. (More often than not, he Photoshops the cameras he tests onto the heads of his family!)

Check out Tyson’s comparison between the Lumix GX7 and GX8!

The Panasonic GX8