Addicted2Light compares the Sony A7r and Fuji X-T10

Luca of Addicted2Light is a fine art photographer based in Calabria in the south of Italy who uses mirrorless cameras such as the Fujifilm X-T10 and Sony A7r for his work, as well as a number of film cameras.

Between the two cameras, he has grown more fond of the X-T10 because of its handling, colours and less expensive lenses. For this reason, he decided to conduct a comparison between the files of the two cameras to see if it makes sense to sell the A7r and keep the X-T10. Using the 50mm Planar on the Sony and the 35mm Distagon on the Fujifilm, he looks at all aspects of image quality including colour, sharpness, noise, dynamic range, and more.

You can see the results and some side-by-side images here!

fuji x-t10 vs a7r

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