The Best Fuji X100T Accessories – Our personal recommendations

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The Fujifilm X100T is a beautiful camera in and of itself, but that doesn’t stop its users from wanting to accessorize it!

In this article, we’d like to share a number of accessories we’ve either bought or tested since we bought our X100T back when it was first released. Some contribute to the physical beauty of the camera, while others serve a more practical purpose.

Ethics statement: The following list is based upon our experience with various Fujifilm accessories. We were not asked to write anything about these accessories, nor were we provided any compensation of any kind. All opinions we express are our own. Within the article, there are affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking the link, we will receive a small commission. To know more about our ethics, you can visit our full disclosure page. Thank you!

Expert Shield Screen Protector


One of the first products we’d recommend for the X100T is a screen protector. So far, we’ve had the best experience with Expert Shield’s products. Yes, they cost a little more than some other brands you can find online but it is worth the investment for a few reasons. First, each screen protector is pre-cut to match the size of your camera’s LCD. Second, they are washable and reusable, so even if you have to remove it for some reason, you can easily stick it back on. Finally, Expert Shield products come with a lifetime guarantee – that is, you can return the product if you come across bubbles and scratches or have trouble fitting it onto your screen.

You can find the Expert Shield screen protector on their official website or at B&H Photo.

X100T Lens Hood


Another must-have accessory is a lens hood since the camera doesn’t come with one. Without a hood, the lens tends to flare quite often. Fujifilm sells an official lens hood called the LH-100 which screws onto the filter thread, but you can also buy less expensive third-party versions. No matter which you choose, you’ll notice a big improvement in flare resistance and experience peace of mind knowing that the front lens element is protected.

You can find X100T lens hoods from B&H Photo.

Lensmate X100T Thumb Rest

x100t lensmate thumb rest

Because the X100T doesn’t have the best grip, you may find yourself wanting some extra support to improve your hold on the camera. This is why we highly recommend the Lensmate X100T Thumb Rest. It is made of high quality and durable aluminium, and slides into the camera’s hot shoe. Being so small, it doesn’t add any extra bulk to the camera or impede access to the controls. It is on the expensive side but we love how it improves the grip and one-handed operation of the camera.

You can find the Lensmate X100T Thumb Rest on the Lensmate website.

PhotoMADD Grip and Arca Swiss Plate


For those of you who desire a more substantial grip for the X100T, you may want to look at the PhotoMADD Grip and Arca Swiss Plate. We reviewed this product on our X100s a couple of years ago, and found it both improves your grip on the camera and makes tripod work much easier. It does not block access to the battery, SD Card or connectors, and it is extremely robust thanks to its aluminium construction. The owner of the store, Matthew Maddock, is a long-time Fujifilm user and knows the cameras inside and out.

You can find the PhotoMADD Grip at the PhotoMADD Online Shop. (Update: no longer available)

Threaded Soft Button

x100t threaded soft button

Since the X100T comes with a threaded shutter release button, you can easily attach your favourite soft button to it. Not only do soft buttons add a touch of beauty to your camera but they also help to reduce shutter shock at slow shutter speeds. You can find a nice range of wooden Artisan Obscura soft buttons at B&H Photo. As for us, we own Lensmate’s black lizard soft button (check on the Lensmate website).

Portable USB Battery Charger

anker mini charger

If you need to charge your X100T on the go, it is a very good idea to buy a separate USB charger such as the Anker PowerCore+ Mini. We like this product because it is very portable and is capable of replenishing the camera’s battery on one charge. What’s more, you can also use it to charge your smartphone when you aren’t out shooting!

You can find the Anker PowerCore+ Mini at the Anker website.

NP-95 Batteries

x100t np-95 battery

Speaking of charging your camera, we recommend that you own at least two batteries for the power-hungry X100T, especially if you tend to use the camera in High Performance mode. In this case, it is best to use Fujifilm’s official NP-95 batteries as they last a little longer than the third-party batteries we’ve tried.

You can find X100T batteries at B&H Photo.

Peak Design Leash Strap / Nucis Strap

There is a wider variety of straps available for digital cameras than camera models themselves, and let’s face it – it’s pretty hard to go wrong as long as the materials used to make the strap are comfortable and high in quality.

peak design leash

We personally love using Peak Design’s range of straps because the company’s proprietary Anchor Link system makes them quick and easy to attach and remove. For our interchangeable lens cameras, we tend to use either the Peak Design Slide or Slide Lite, but since the X100T has a fixed lens, you’ll find that the Leash is the best match.

You can find the Leash on B&H Photo.


Another option that is similar to the Leash is the Nucis Leather Strap with Anchor Links. Those who love leather straps will appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into the strap’s creation, and the incorporation of Peak Design’s Anchor Links means you can still attach and remove the strap with ease.

LEE Filters X100 Adapter Ring


If you often do long exposures with your X100T, you’ll want to invest in the X100 adapter ring from LEE Filters. It features a 49mm filter thread, so all you have to do is twist off the lens’ thread cover and screw on the adapter for the camera to be compatible with the LEE Seven5 system. As for the filters, we feel it is best to go with the Big Stopper (10 stops) instead of the Little Stopper (6 stops) as it lets you take long exposures even when there is still some light in the sky.

Check price of the X100 adapter on B&H Photo

Check price of the basic LEE Seven5 starter kit on B&H Photo

Also check out FlixelPix’s excellent article on the topic of long exposures with the X100 series.

X100T Leather Case

fuji x100t leather case

We don’t personally own a leather case for the X100T but we know it’s a popular accessory among photographers who own X100 series cameras. Although Fujifilm produces its own very nice leather case for the X100 series (available in black and brown), we also have a soft spot for leather cases from Gariz, a Korean brand that specialises in camera accessories. We owned one for our Sony A7s before we exchanged it for another camera, and found it beautifully crafted and a very good fit.

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